Brutalist Web Design Trends

The Washington Post has recently published an article highlighting brutalist web design trends.

Web brutalism is a term coined by Pascal Deville, Creative Director at the Freundliche Grüsse ad agency in Zurich, Switzerland, and the owner of Sites which are classified as brutalist have a “ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy”.

The site showcases both recent and historical sites which ignore comfortable, familiar templates; approachable interfaces and comfortable colour schemes.

The website has received a lot of attention of late, with a huge increase in visitor numbers and around 100 submissions of sites a day.

The brutalist label can be widely applied, and sometimes include more than just the aesthetics. Deville also looks at the code: “… In the code you can see if it’s really a streamlined application or it’s a very rough, handmade, HTML website,” he explained.

Deville’s curation of such sites have sparked interest with designers, coders and developers. A number of people are drawn towards the aesthetic, with some people trying to imitate and develop it.

While we don’t see this aesthetic movement taking over traditional and justifiably well-established design rules, it’s an interesting rabbit hole to go down for a while before resurfacing to a world where the interfaces, layouts and colour schemes make a bit more sense.

The hottest trend in Web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites

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