Things to Consider Before Embracing a Trend

While it may be tempting to adopt the latest style, there are things to consider before embracing a trend. Jumping on every device, meme or design layout can be exhausting and pointless if badly considered. Taking a step back from the bandwagons and asking a few simple questions can save you from making a change for change’s sake.


Top Things to Consider with Business To Business Websites – Part Two

Continuing from last week’s article, here we finish explaining how to understand and cater for the fears and motivations of the specific stakeholder viewing your website.

If you can provide indicative costs – DO SO. Many businesses are afraid to do this as they don’t want their competitors knowing their business or to lose bargaining power with clients, but they forget that most important of all is for clients to use their services.


Top Things to Consider with Business To Business Websites – Part One

This article was written By David Sime – David lectures in marketing in Glasgow and has had over 15 years’ experience in the field, having owned and directed two companies, worked with national and international B2B/B2C vendors as well as working within and directing several marketing agencies.

In my experience, what business to business websites fail to do online is to understand their target market.

This is something that B2C (Business to consumer) sites do very well, but for some reason it is overlooked within the B2B market.