Facebook Design Resources Released for Free

If you’re looking for templates and tools to help with web and product development, check out these Facebook design resources which have recently been released for free.

Facebook Design Resources

The resources include templates of smartphones, tablets and watches, iOS9 GUI elements, and templates of diverse hands holding smartphones.

The other major inclusion in this pack is Origami, Facebook’s tool for prototyping and designing user interfaces. Origami comes with its own dedicated site which hosts in-depth tutorial videos and extensive documentation to help get designers started. It also showcases examples of interfaces which were developed with the program.

Michael Boswell, from the Design Department of Facebook commented on the design resource release: “As a member of the team that worked to put this together, I’m excited we now have a home for current and future open source design tools and resources at Facebook. We are all grateful to give back to a community that has given us so much.”

You can check out the resources through the link below.

Link [via Facebook.design]

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