Geekout: How Big Websites Have Evolved

big websites have evolved - first twitter homepage

We’ve spent the past few weeks looking forward to the web design trends of 2016, but it’s always worth looking back to see just how far big websites have evolved in such a short space of time.

Web design has made huge progress in terms of technology and presentation over the years in remarkable¬†ways. Web development site Tutorialzine’s has compiled a fascinating collection of screenshots that show how big websites have evolved since their launch. It’s all presented in a handy slider format, so you can go back and forth in time instantly.

Some sites have undergone massive change (Twitter, Skype and Microsoft especially). Other big websites have evolved more in terms of aesthetics than layout (YouTube and eBay have pretty much the same layout as when they started).

Enjoy this trip through time.

Tutorialzine: How Your Favourite Websites Changed Over the Years

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