Geekout: US Web Design Standards

The United Stated Federal Government has recently compiled and released its US Web Design Standards. Designed “to create consistency and beautiful user experiences across U.S. federal government websites”, this site is a wealth of developer information.

US web design standards - home page

This extensive and intensive set of guidelines contains information that you could easily lose an hour (or day) or five as you mine its depths.

US Web Design Standards - layout

The site itself is dangerously easy to navigate and explore. It’s packed with practical examples, code, swatches, style tables, downloadable fonts, and all kinds of developer information.

US Web Design Standards - palette 2

Even if you’re a seasoned developer, this site is an excellent resource and a good way of refreshing your knowledge. It’s also impressive just how thorough and well-presented the whole thing is, made all the more impressive by the fact that it’s a government agency embracing the open source nature of development.


Click here to lose yourself in the US Government Web Design Standards

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