Geekout: Web Design Evolution

Analytic site Kissmetrics have compiled an impressive timeline of web design evolution. From the early 1990’s to the present day, this is a fascinating look at just how far web design has come in a relatively short time.

Web Design Evolution - timeline

Covering the major milestones of technical developments in the past 20 years such as Flash, Javascript, CSS and HTML5, Kissmetric’s infograph also shows how the web has changed aesthetically as the decades go by (remember hit counters?).

The whole journey is broken down into section detailing Prominent Design, Memorable Design Elements, Significant Advancements and How The Web Looked.┬áIt’s a fascinatingly detailed journey with a hint of cheeky insight. Personal favourite from The Mid-1990’s Memorable Design Elements section: “Good design principles often took a backseat to whatever looked the most advanced”.

You can check out the full infograph timeline here

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