Charmingly Animated Tips for Productivity

We’ve found a double whammy of lovely design and handy tips for productivity with Fast Company’s 15 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity.

if you’re looking for inspiration for web design, animation and how to boost your working practice, this guide is a great place to start. While tips such as “declutter your desk” and “meet smarter” may  not be anything new, each entry is backed up with research, further reading and the aforementioned kickass gifs.

The guide goes a bit further than simple “just ignore your phone” advice. There is a detailed guide on how to activate an email-to-text feature on smartphones which allows users to close their inbox and ignore all but the most important of emails.

The guide also advocates good sleep, and the power of midday naps. Long misunderstood and misconceived as laziness, the benefits of napping are now undeniable and can be as important as getting a good night’s sleep for some people. Knowing how to nap to avoid the grogginess associated with interrupting certain sleep cycles is important, and lifestyle website Lifehacker has an excellent guide to get you started.

All in all, this is a delightfully illustrated, comprehensive and very useful guide.

Types of Animation in Web Design

We’ve found an excellent source detailing the types of animation in web design.

One of the main web design trends in 2016 is animation. No longer a optional extra, animation is often expected by the user. As well as looking nice, animation provides excellent visual feedback to user’s interactions. They can also save crucial screen space by bridging the gap between main screens and navigation menus. Done well, these interactions can be seamless and non-invasive.

Animation is also excellent for drawing attention. Hover animations (still the sole domain of laptops and desktop computers), show interactive elements of a website. A well-placed animation or two can also guide the user through a website and help steer them in the right (or desired) direction.

In this image-driven age of the internet, galleries and slideshow animation are especially important. Loading animations help distract the user from the inconvenience of waiting. Scrolling nimation may not be glamorous, but without it, we’d still be living with literal web pages. Animation with no purpose other than looking pretty also have their place in brand identity and web presence.

For a full breakdown of these types of animation accompanied with examples, check out the link below.

Web Design Trends Analyzed: 8 Effective Types of Animation