The Development of the Design Sprint Process

The design sprint process is a 5-day development process based on agile thinking. Used by many tech companies both big and small, it’s a popular process which gets quick results without employees burning out or sliding into destructive “crunch” periods.

Design Sprint Process

Business website Fast Company has a fascinating interview with Jake Knapp, one of the pioneers of the design sprint process.

The interview delves into Knapp’s work history and style, and how he used Google’s now-axed “20% policy” (a scheme where employees could use one day of their working week to undertake personal projects) to research and develop a new way of working. His aim was to get the most out of his work, not just in terms of productivity, but to also enjoy his time at the office: “Those hours are not made of cardboard—they’re my life,” he says, remembering advice given to him by his father: “Find a way to enjoy your work, because you’ll spend most of your life doing it.”

It’s a fascinating interview, with plenty of follow-up links into the design sprint process for further reading.


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