Things to Consider Before Embracing a Trend

While it may be tempting to adopt the latest style, there are things to consider before embracing a trend. Jumping on every device, meme or design layout can be exhausting and pointless if badly considered. Taking a step back from the bandwagons and asking a few simple questions can save you from making a change for change’s sake.

Marketing Strategist Ashley Kemper has detailed 5 Questions to Ask Before Embracing the Latest Trend. Her list asks important questions which should be in the back of any designer’s mind when confronted with a shiny, tempting new trend.

Her analysis urges prudence in order to be able to run with trends you intentionally choose rather than being weighed down by trying to adopt every new tech, meme or device which crosses your path.

Considering a trend’s influence on your target audience and whether it compliments core values can prevent alienating users. Asking whether adopting a trend will feel real or phony, and whether it enhances what you already produce is another way to avoid excess workload.


Finally, the most important question to ask is whether the trend will still be valid and how you will feel about it in the future. Are you adopting something new which will not be relevant or useful in the short or long term future, or are you taking up something which will pay dividends down the line?

Once you’ve read her article, check out the latest trends for 2016 with her advice in mind and see if any are the right one for what you’re doing.

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