Tips for Making a Web Design Roadmap

A good web design roadmap is an essential part of the development process. It can ease workflow, help you and your client achieve your respective visions, and help you avoid being a web designer from hell (which can lead the more commonly know client from hell phenomenon).

Know the role of the roadmap

It’s important to know that your roadmap is a working document which will never be fully completed. It is also a guide of what is going to be done, rather than things people would like to see done. At all times, it’s a to do list, not a wish list.

The initial creation of a web design roadmap also gives you a good opportunity to see how you work with your client. This is the best time to get a clear idea of expectations and manage them accordingly. It also gives your client an insight into how much work is actually involved in web design, and to make the distinction between a wish list and a to do list.


Once you have the contents of the roadmap, it needs to be organised. Assess each objective and prioritise them accordingly. As its name suggests, a roadmap shows a journey. Since the roadmap denotes a journey, thinking about each main goal as a checkpoint of of forward progress is the best way to visualise and organise the plan.

Keep it flexible

Since a good web design roadmap is a working document, it needs to stay flexible and open to changes and additions. The worst type of spontaneous client whim should be nipped in the bud by managing expectation. You may also have elements you want to implements if you have the time. However, unexpected diversions on the roadmap may appear during the journey. Planning space and time into the roadmap for this additional work will make the journey much smoother for all concerned.


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