Web Design

We only do very high quality technical web design so we can only take on a couple of projects each month.

Our prices start at £5,000 so if you’re not ready to make that kind of investment in the best possible technical website to help your search engine rankings then we’re not the right company for you, at least for now.

Every site we build is mobile optimised, not responsive but optimised, the difference is huge. Mobile responsive basically means all the elements on the desktop page stack on top of each other, however doing mobile responsive is where we take into consideration the actual device someone is using and make sure we have a customised experience, essentially take out content they don’t need to see and make interaction easier by using mobile friendly interfaces.

We also look to score very high on Google’s page speed tool as that’s a sign that your site is considering the end user to serve them the information quicker and Google reward sites for that. We’ll have more information on that soon, btu we’re aiming to get our sites scoring 100 out of 100 where possible.

If you want to test you’re current site go to Google’s page speed tool and put in your URL, we’re pretty confident we can beat whatever score you see show up.

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