Work Better by Working Nicer

Google has recently released the results of years of research; that working nicer is a better way of getting along.

It may seem obvious, but the team charged with studying the secrets of successful teamwork admitted they were “dead wrong” about their assumptions.

Known as Project Aristotle, Google’s research team interviewed hundreds of employees and analysed data from 100+ teams in the company. Researchers were initially looking for a perfect combination of people to make the perfect team. However, Project Aristotle discovered they were on the wrong track. Good teamwork isn’t about putting the right people together, it’s about fostering an environment where people feel safe to interact with others.

Respect, mutual contribution, allowing people to voice their ideas and opinions, and encouraging genuine interaction were the main ingredients of a happy and productive team

These factors have been summed up as “psychological safety”. Encouraging such an environment allows people to open up and interact with each other in a more respectful way. It also allows team members to speak up, share ideas, and ask questions without concern of the embarrassment which can occur in a less welcoming environment.

After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice

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